What is Padicma?

What is Padicma?
Pure, powerful love from God above.

Padicma energy is new to our beautiful Earth. It arrived here Divinely in 2012 through an intuitive download process with Suzanne Thibault, which took about six months. This was not an easy for her, but her soul has tenacity and with the help of God and her Angelic Team she received this gift for Earth.

Padicma energy comes directly from God. There is no history of this energy on Earth before this time. God has been hearing the cries of humanity and he responds with Padicma for Earth. Padicma is a transformational energy, one of pure, powerful love.

Why is Padicma here?
Padicma is a part of the Earth’s ascension process. Padicma is reworking old paradigms on Earth, transforming them into health, healing, truth and love.

What is Padicma?
Padicma is energetic healing of the body, heart, mind and soul of people, animals and the entire Earth. It heals at the core, bringing complete healing to the body, heart and mind.

Is there any religious connection to Padicma?
Padicma is ideal for all people regardless of religious faith. This is spiritual energy.

Who can work with this energy?
Anyone interested in energy healing for personal healing or helping others can work with this energy. For ages 8-100.

How do healers work with Padicma?
A healer becomes activated to the Padicma energy to begin flowing it through their energy channels. This takes place in the Padicma Advanced Healing Systems™ Training Course. They then become a Padicma Advanced Energy Healer, having learned advanced techniques in healing for themselves and others. They work with Padicma within the energy field of the client (or themselves). Padicma locates low level energy, helps the healer to speak to the low level energy, and Padicma heals it in teamwork with the recipient.

What makes Padicma advanced?
What makes Padicma unique is that during the process of a Padicma Energy Healing™ session, the false ego is removed so that the healer and those receiving the healing are equals, even when doing self-healing. This creates a deep healing experience as the mind cannot interfere in the healing process.

Healers learn advanced techniques in safely working with dark energy of all sorts, including dark entity removal. The Padicma Omni-Dimensional Healing technique has healers working in upper dimensional realms to bring healing to the entire person or animal. They learn to intuitively speak to dark energy, body organs, the inner child and past lives to bring profound healing experiences for others and themselves.

What has Padicma healed?
Padicma energy works on the level of our DNA to heal both the energetic and physical bodies at a molecular level. Padicma has had miraculous results in healing asthma, allergies, thyroid problems, infections, bone fractures, digestive issues, candida, depression, other mental health issues, PTSD, abuse trauma, viruses, chronic nerve pain, physical pain, back pain, bulging discs, cysts, scoliosis, false belief and behavioral patterns, Cushing’s Disease in dogs, Karmic issues and so much more.

Technical Stuff
Padicma energy’s frequency is 8th dimensional energy. This is the highest frequency energy that Earth can hold at this time. This makes Padicma the most powerful frequency energy on Earth today. To give you some perspective, standard Reiki is 5th dimensional energy and Reiki Holy Fire (the upgrade) is 6th dimensional energy. Reiki got an upgrade because as the Earth rises in vibration, higher frequency energy is needed to bring healing.

How does frequency work in healing? We live in a world of duality, high and low level energy. Low level energy becomes trapped in the human energy field, causing negative effects inside the body. In order for energy healing to work, the healing energy must be at a higher frequency than low level energy. In energy healing, Padicma, being a high level energy, replaces the low level energy in the human energy field and body, bringing about healing in a powerful, natural way at the cellular level.

Padicma Advanced Healing Systems™
The Padicma Energy Healing Systems™ and the Love Blast Healing System™ are a part of the Padicma Advanced Healing Systems™. These two systems are different only in delivery – Padicma is for self-healing and the healing of others; the Love Blast is philanthropic in nature.